OnePlus 6 Impressions!

This is the OnePlus 6, it's been interesting to follow oneplus for the last couple years all the way from the beginning from the oneplus one days the flagship killer mentality that never settle and then look at how the trends move all the way until what they've developed into today.

Let's look at the spec sheet first the OnePlus is rocking snapdragon 845 and Adreno 636 or 8 gigs of ram a 6.3 inch 20 to 80 by 1080 AMOLED display, it's got a 3300 milliamp hour battery and dual cameras a 16 megapixel main sensor and a 20 megapixel secondary camera and a price tag under 600 bucks, so again pretty classic oneplus they're sticking to their guns of delivering big numbers and impressive specs for a lower than expected price, so with all that here are my impressions and really what a lot of people are going to have the most strong reaction to including me is the new design of the 1 plus 6 so they just like everyone else this year have 28 teen eyes their phone it's got dual cameras glass back big screen and a notch.

I mean that's it that's just like every phone we've seen in the last 6 months and probably every phone for the next six months so one plus joins that crew and this is what their version of it looks like and honestly I think it looks pretty good I don't know if it's just that I've been getting used to notches and phones for the past few months or maybe that this one's a little bit smaller I don't know what's wrong with me but I think this phone overall looks pretty good, the text and icons go right up to the edge in the corners the bottom chin is pretty small so it's not bad.

The glass back is a little more interesting it's got that signature one Plus curve to it so it's the same shape as the rest of their phones adds a little weight though from being glass, no wireless charging though that's kind of a turn-off, but that's just the first impression there's actually three different glass back finishes a mirror glossy back that kind of looks like a ceramic, a soft white with this rose gold metal accent color and yes a matte black kind of I mean it's much more matte than glossy I'd say it has this kind of a sheen to it in certain lights it feels more like I describe it like a frosted black glass, but at the end of the day I'm still going to put a deep brown skin on it just to hide the fingerprints and add grip to what you get with a glass phone but that's just me, but continuing on the back the new fingerprint reader is in the same place, but it's a bit smaller so you might remember it was a circle on the back of the 1 + 5 t I liked that this one has less surface area and sits right below the vertically oriented dual cameras that pretty much everyone is adopting now.

This dual camera setup is actually kind of interesting though usually you just kind of assume when you have dual cameras on the back of a phone you got your main camera sensor and on the secondary ones usually your telephoto for portrait mode and 2x zoom things like that these two cameras are actually the same focal length so the primary camera is a Sony IMX 5:19 a 16 megapixel sensor with an F 1.7 aperture and is and then your secondary camera is a Sony AMX 376 K a 20 megapixel sensor again at F 1.7 and they don't say whether it's optically stabilized or not so I would guess it's not, so a secondary camera of the same focal length but a higher resolution for what sharpness maybe some detail stuff I guess maybe portrait mode helped I don't really know exactly this is something we're going to have to test for the full review we definitely stay tuned on places like Instagram and Twitter we're all share sample photos I take on this camera, but that's a curious one.

Around the front is really where it looks the newest with that huge new display the notch up top this is what people love talking about, to be fair is one of the smallest notches there's just a camera some sensors and your earpiece up there and then you end up with an 84% screen to body ratio, but this is the new design this is what we're getting in 2018 it's exactly what we expected.

OnePlus has taken cues and hints from 2018 and other players and they've updated their smartphone, but they've also actually taken things from what they've done well in the past and they've stuck to their guns on things like dash-charging, oxygen OS, the alert slider, the headphone jack and they stuck with 1080p, so oxygen OS really is great you could barely call it a skin, but it's one of those few skins on top of Android 8.1 that doesn't try to do too much so it's near stock it's always one of the first with software updates and it has a couple tweaks here and there to make things interesting they still have this shelf next to the launcher cool there's a toggle to hide the top notch if you're not super into that that's new to oxygen OS and this time they've also added gestures if you want to get rid of the buttons at the bottom and fully maximize your screen real estate and do swiping instead, I don't really like this as much it's not quite as smooth as I would have liked or anywhere near something on an iPhone that's the reason, I'm not using it all the time but I think this can be improved with software updates.

They also tossed in some improvements to the gaming mode as well there's a dark mode theme which can do wonders with that AMOLED display so yeah just a nice little suite of improvements over the mostly stock Android, I'd say is my favorite way to go and on top of all of that it's got really good I just really like these buttons there's really tactile clicky buttons probably one of the most underrated things about this bluetooth 5.0 and that I mentioned it keeps the headphone jack like this thing checks a lot of boxes.

Basically these cameras and the battery life are the two things that need to be deeply tested, but I can tell you right now after I've used this phone for the past couple days and it is a really promising one it's fast, its smooth, it has a lot of the things well that I hope a phone does well and it's just those last couple things that we'll see about but for those you wondering I will be doing a full review of the oneplus 6.