This Smartphone Changes Everything...

Today is the day that the smartphone game changes, in front of me I have the future and it's in the form of the Find X, this thing's been top secret and for good reason because it changes everything this is the stuff I've been talking about in my articles this is the stuff I've been looking for in you too everybody's been asking for innovation in the phone game and not just some concept but a thing I can buy right now, a thing you can buy right now, so that you could put the future in your pocket the Find X from Oppo, you can see the packaging very slick but you care about what's inside so let's do it.
Oppo Find X backview

I happen to know that we are looking at an extreme, the screen to body ratio according to Oppo and astonishing 93.8 percent, sim tool, a little bit of paperwork, an audio adapter, a set of earbuds, type-c to keep it charged up of course it's got fast charging through this brick right here and this cable it's VOOC, ok now it's time for the main attraction and I know you're screaming aren't it on I want to see this all screen design this one is called Bordeaux red there will be another color as well which is going to be more of a blue and then on top of that there's even going to be it completely over-the-top Lamborghini version of this device this is covered in Gorilla Glass 5 on both the back as well as the front look at how slim that bezel is, no notch, no kind of weird cutout at all and I know that's giving you questions right now you're like how is that possible, where's the camera this is supposed to be the future like I told you at the beginning of this article, so of course we're going to find out.
Oppo Find X Hideable back camera

They've hidden two lenses in a flash, look at the design the way that comes up and then down, two lenses in a flash just real slick that is futuristic Inspector Gadget it's what I've always wanted because the look is clean they used it as a design element they could have easily just had some box come up from the top, but they didn't just like that it's going to uncover the front-facing camera and sensors as well, that is cool.

So it's not just about this incredible screen to body ratio Oppo is also very proud of the tech that's hidden in that section that comes up the motorized section there including their 3d facial recognition for unlocking the device, now Oppo claims that that recognition has a failure rate of 1 in 1 million compared to like a fingerprint which is somewhere in the neighborhood of one in 50,000, alright I'm going to go ahead and enroll my face here, so satisfying alright.
Oppo Find X Frontview

The section on the top is not just a front-facing camera in fact if I give you the right reflection, some other sensors over here there's a bunch of them there's a flood illuminator, an infrare, camera, proximity sensor, dot projector, receiver and RGB camera it's all hidden in there.

The Oppo Find X is packing: 

  • Snapdragon 845 
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM
  • 3730 milliamp hour battery 
  • Dual Sim
  • VOOC Fast Charge
  • 20MP + 16MP Camera
  • 25MP Front Camera

I told you about the dual-sim capabilities and then of course the camera which is the obvious next place to go, screen to body ratio though it's all face I do feel the need to let you know at this point I can't really deeply evaluate the phone because this is an early model an engineering sample something they got to me before the retail launch.

Now I realized at this point I haven't told you how to navigate the phone it's all screen to body ratio you can't really have buttons or you wouldn't want to so instead it's a gesture based setup swiping up from the right hand side acts as back if you want to go home you swipe up from the center and then of course there's multitasking as well you just sort of hold and then scroll through like this but really what this thing is all about is the display 6.42 inches it's got AMOLED technology and it's actually manufactured by Samsung, the resolution 1080p so on the sides of the device you're looking at 1.65 millimeters of bezel on the top 1.91 and then the chin a little bit more at 3.4 millimeters, you don't get a gigantic phone but you get a ton of screen. so look this is very new it just got announced the device is not ready for a full evaluation this is more of an introduction so the battle right now is in the realm of screen to body ratio and to this point I have seen nothing this impressive in that department the Oppo find X, what do you think is it the future I do believe so incredible screen to body ratio and don't forget the very cool rise up sensor system as well as cameras a weird unique amazing implementation.