Electric Bike Company Model S Review

The organizer of Electric Bike Company connected with me after this audit was presented and asked on incorporate more data about how the organization works. He said "One of the primary things that separate our organization from different brands is that we 100% processing plant manufacture exceptionally requested bicycles in California, USA. We have our very own production line with the majority of the parts, aptitude, and information to collect, fix, investigate, keep up, and supplant parts. This additionally enables us to do custom marking and illustrations on our casings."

The Electric Bike Company just truly makes two ebikes… and they are essentially two variants of the equivalent ground-breaking cruiser. There's a stage through (which they call the Model S) and a cantilever high-advance (which they call the Model C). The two models just come in one casing size, and they influence the equivalent incredible center point engine and back rack battery, however you do get two battery limit decisions, alongside a few tasteful colorways. Why just make two models? The originator, Sean Lupton-Smith, clarified that when he propelled the organization in 2013, he needed to make the most ideal cruiser while as yet keeping up a sensible value point, and after that emphasis in on embellishments and redesigns that worked consistently. You can see that with their discretionary shading coordinated steel bumpers, front container, and suspension seat post. The little subtleties certainly include! I saw the coordinating calfskin holds and seat outwardly yet in addition valued that the grasps have two locking rings and the seat is really agreeable and pardoning with elastic guards underneath. Everything is marked… you see the Electric Bike Company logo on the showcase, the grasps, the seat… and I don't generally think about that, yet it communicates a tender loving care and customization that different brands appear to dismissal or bargain on. Notice how the majority of the metal parts are silver? Indeed, even the discretionary suspension seat post from SR Suntour. What's more, these are not worst of the worst segments either, the pedals were picked for execution just as stylish and wellbeing while the customizable stem plans to suit riders of various statures. Indeed, even the manner in which the seat can go right down without hitting the back rack, to take into account a progressively steady and certain ride for those with shorter inseams. I don't intend to spout a lot here, it's simply important that these folks truly appear to mind. You can see that in their exceptional 5-year guarantee, separately intertwined battery cells, interesting coordinated charger, astounding front bin with light mount, e-bicycle explicit cut safe tires, smeared inward cylinders, and universal delivery. None of that seeks free, however the sub-$2k value point is entirely sensible for such an amazing, delightful item. The one thing you truly don't arrive, is gears. This is a solitary speed electric bike with the choice to include your very own derailleur post-buy. The organization offers two back sprocket decisions, 16 tooth for agreeable rapid riding or 18-tooth for simpler begins and slower riding. With just one rigging, the chain remains tight and on track, there's less oil, less chain slap and commotion, less weight, and a cleaner-easier handlebar. Without the bumpers, this ebike weighs around 60 lbs (27 kg), which isn't overly light… yet the twofold cylinder configuration keeps it stable and can bolster loads up to 360 lbs (163 kg) which is route better than expected. Most contending items promote support for up to 250 lbs (113 kb). There's a whole other world to investigate beneath, I haven't discussed engine execution, there's only a great deal of little subtleties to acknowledge with this bicycle and from this organization. Which, incidentally, has propelled an ebike tie in Africa to engage productive practical transport and assembled enterprising open doors for neighborhood specialists. How cool is that!

Driving this bicycle is a planetary outfitted center engine appraised at 500 watt ostensible and 1,280 watt crest. They didn't give a Newton meter torque rating, yet I'm getting it would be in the 50 to 60 Nm range since it feels VERY ground-breaking. The Model S and C are both speed pedelecs, implying that they can be accelerated up to ~28 mph with engine support. You can bring down that top speed by going into the settings menu of the showcase (examined later on), and the throttle will just ever backing up to 20 mph for lawful reasons. Being equipped, the engine is minimized and lightweight, however it produces all the more zipping clamors under full activity. I came to ~25 mph when testing on a constrained stretch of street at a shopping center in Southern California called Fashion Island. This is one of the spring up areas that the organization has been utilizing to lead demos and sell their item face to face. For a large portion of the remainder of us, you can arrange on the web… and that accompanies a touch of included expense. The level rate shipping for the USA is $225, yet Electric Bike Company additionally offers to Canada and will work with global organizations. This is the place the delivery cost can truly begin to rise. The uplifting news is, I am informed that the bicycles come completely gathered and almost prepared to ride (I'm speculating that there is some handlebar acclimation to be finished). What's more, that is another significant point to cover. The additional long handlebars give an upstanding body position and hose street vibration, yet they likewise stand out a considerable amount. This could make exploring between vehicles or through entryways somewhat dubious. I have certainly scratched dividers and door jambs with ebikes like this one when strolling bicycles out of shops to do test rides. Sorry! Simply remember this and be cautious.

Driving these cruisers, their coordinated LED lights, the illuminated presentation board, and an incorporated USB port (underneath the showcase) is a 48 volt rack-mount battery. This pack comes in two sizes, and is really appraised higher than what EBC promotes… They call it 48 volts, yet the showcase demonstrates almost 52 volts. You can get a 10 amp hour or 16.8 amp hour setup to expand your range, and both fit into a similar rack space. I'm speculating that they likewise both weigh about the equivalent in light of the fact that the quantity of cells stays comparative yet the vitality thickness of the higher limit pack is simply expanded through increasingly costly cells which offer the most recent innovation. Discussing tech… batteries are one territory where the Electric Bike Company has truly situated itself as a pioneer. Clearly they have a tight association with a producer which custom forms every battery to have separately intertwined cells alongside two temperature sensors. I got some information about this, and he disclosed that they needed to make the best battery available with the goal that it could hold up to outrageous situations… like what they may look in parts of South Africa. That bodes well! My own involvement and learning has uncovered that batteries last the longest and play out the best in cool, dry situations. You need to maintain a strategic distance from extraordinary cold or warmth, and keep the pack charged above 20% at whatever point conceivable in light of the fact that the Lithium-particle science is most steady there. To make charging as solid and simple as would be prudent, the battery mounting dock in the rack has a coordinated fan and retractable line (like you may see on a vacuum more clean). At whatever point you stop for lunch or visit a companion's home, simply pull the string and module for a fast top-off. Indeed, this adds some unpredictability and weight to the bicycle. In any case, it spares you the issue of overlooking the charger at home. For the individuals who can't stop close charging outlets or essentially want to store the pack in an increasingly steady condition (since the bicycle may not effectively convey up stairs), they do offer a $99 versatile quick charger that puts out more than double the vitality for significantly quicker fills. The main genuine drawback to the majority of this, is the battery position is high and towards the back of the bicycle versus low and community for ideal taking care of and strength. With such a back overwhelming structure, these bicycles do experience the ill effects of a touch of casing flex. I didn't experience speed wobble, the bigger tires felt agreeable and steady, notwithstanding when riding without any hands. So as to have the batteries all be compatible and take into consideration the profound advance through structure of the Model S, the back rack battery was picked.

Working the bicycle is somewhat of a trap. Straightforward, when you've adapted the majority of the means, yet somewhat more required than a few. In this way, when the battery has been charged, mounted, and bolted into the back rack, you have to ensure the flip switch on the base is set to on (the line, not the 0 image). This is one more security include, and a helpful method to avoid altering at bicycle racks. Next, you have to hold the middle catch on the control cushion, which is mounted close to one side grasp. Now, the presentation LCD boots up and your present speed, help level (defaulted to 1), and some outing details start to appear. Now, the trigger throttle mounted close to the correct hold is dynamic and offering full power. BE CAREFUL not to knock this trigger, or the bicycle will take off. You can go through the little and down bolts to raise or lower help, yet that doesn't generally do anything in throttle mode. You can snap down to zero, and this will kill the throttle, while leaving the presentation and lights open. You can enact the lights by holding the up bolt for a couple of moments. This likewise turns on the LCD backdrop illumination highlight. What's more, as referenced prior, there is a full-sized USB port incorporated with the posterior of the LCD screen. This is an extraordinary method to keep your telephone charged while utilizing GPS or run the versatile Bluetooth speaker that the Electric Bike Company sells independently. Returning to the diverse ride modes, you can hold the down bolt for a couple of moments to change from throttle mode to pedal help + throttle. You will see a little content show up with "Help" when this has been finished, and afterward the 8-magnet sensor situated at the base section winds up dynamic. I have utilized some higher-goals 12-magnet sensors previously, however eight isn't really awful… the genuine constraint is just having one pedal rigging. Without a low rigging, it can truly set aside some effort to get the bicycle going, and the sensors won't get for a minute in light of the fact that the wrenches are turning so gradually. This is the place throttle abrogate truly proves to be useful. I ended up utilizing the trigger throttle to get the bicycle going at around five miles for every hour, at that point changing to pedal help so I could loosen up my thumb. By arrowing between help level 1-5 I in the long run found an agreeable help level that coordinated my pedal speed. Now, the bicycle turns into a delight to ride. Indeed, even with the additional load of bumpers, front crate, and freight, the engine underpins the bicycle effectively. To go into the settings and change units or lower the top speed of the bicycle, ensure the backdrop illumination isn't on, and afterward hold the here and there bolts for a couple of moments. Press the power catch to affirm every menu and the here and there keys to make modifications.

There's a great deal to state about this item, and I'll concede that the soundness of the organization in the course of recent years, the accentuation on worldwide strengthening, and the well-picked segments and adornments has prevailed upon me. The last huge factor to talk about here is braking, and that is taken care of very well moreover. Electric Bike Company has decided on enormous 180 mm rotors with water driven brakes refrains mechanical. This makes them significantly more steady and simple to pull, particularly for individuals with constrained hand quality. The two switches have engine inhibitors that immediately sliced capacity to the drive framework when enacted. It's the correct decision, and adds to the feeling of control and sturdiness. There are a couple of exchange offs here with the absence of jug pen managers, mid-mount kickstand that hinders the left wrench arm whenever left down, and distending force link from the correct side of the center point engine, yet by and large the bicycle just works, and these are not interesting issues to EBC. It's fascinating that pedal help isn't empowered as a matter of course here, yet maybe that makes the bicycle more secure to approach? Trigger throttles are instinctive and less simple to actuate unintentionally (contrasted with half-hold wind throttles). It's still best-practice to leave the bicycle controlled off, until you are mounted and prepared to ride. I simply love the delightful way low that seat can go, and acknowledge how agreeable the bicycle felt, even without a suspension fork. Steel offers some vibration hosing characteristics just as sturdiness… the chain spread and bumpers are strong, yet could rust on the off chance that you get scratches after some time. I have heard that a few proprietors use vehicle finish up paint or even fingernail clean. At last, you get a remote with the bicycle that actuates a movement sensor on the bicycle and triggers an alarm (like a vehicle caution) when knock. I don't know precisely how viable it is versus irritating, however it's dependent upon you to arm and it may be a genuine convenient component in certain areas, to keep you mindful of your venture. Once more, maybe this is a component that fits life in various nations where the bicycle may really be utilized as a day by day transport and speak to a higher extent of pay to its proprietor. I do acknowledge how pleasantly the wires and links are sorted out at the head tube and that they are inside steered for security and feel. My own decision of shading would presumably be white, to remain additional unmistakable in low-light conditions… and I would love to see intelligent tires eventually (however this might be non-suitable for a Class 3 ebike in parts of Europe). I'm eager to see where this organization proceeds to need to thank the originator, Sean, for gathering with me and banding together with me on this survey. I'll do my best to respond to any inquiries that surface and welcome you to toll in with criticism or post your accounts and pictures in the discussions.


The organizer of this organization is excessively well disposed and true, they are anything but difficult to get tightly to by means of telephone or on the web (in my experience), their 5-year guarantee is a standout amongst the best that I have ever known about (and they have been around since 2013), they are taking a shot at an ebike program for South Africa dependent on the items being sold in America, and they are joined forces with their battery provider to bring a larger amount of unwavering quality and security to each pack (cells have individual breakers versus only one for the whole pack)

I cherish tender loving care and stylish updates (silver stem, handlebar, wrenches, chainring, pedals, kickstand, situate post (and discretionary suspension seat post), locking grasps and coordinating seat, paint-coordinated chain spread and discretionary bumpers)

This electric bicycle is incredible, and quick… that is an extraordinary thing for heavier riders, individuals who live close slopes, and the individuals who mean on conveying payload with the back rack and discretionary front bin

The showcase board is huge, simple to see, simple to explore (on account of the remote catch cushion), and has an incorporated USB port for charging your telephone, the discretionary Bluetooth speaker, or another compact electronic gadget

The coordinated lights work really well and keep running off of the principle battery pack, so you don't need to fiddle around with additional catches or expendable batteries, I cherish that the Electric Bike Company sells an overhauled high-limit battery for individuals who need to go further or utilize the lights consistently

For as ground-breaking and substantial as this e-bicycle seems to be, particularly with the discretionary battery redesign, bumpers, and bin, it's extremely decent that they settled on 180 mm water driven plate brakes to improve ceasing force and decrease hand exhaustion, the switches are flexible for individuals with various measured hands or those wearing gloves

The brake switches both have engine inhibitors inherent, so the engine will stop promptly at whatever point you have to stop or even begin applying the brakes, that is a significant wellbeing highlight considering the 8-magnet rhythm sensor and trigger-throttle

The stock tires are fatter than normal (which offers soundness and solace), they offer SilkWorm cut security, and the inward cylinders have cut sealant introduced so you won't get pads as effectively or need to wrangle with the bicycle to change the internal cylinders as regularly… simply keep them swelled between the prescribed PSI to maintain a strategic distance from squeeze pads

The seat can go low on this bicycle, making it simpler to approach and balance out for some riders, on the grounds that the back rack is pushed out a bit and doesn't square it

To further fortify the haggles a steady ride, this bicycle has more extensive edges and uses thicker spokes, the back spokes are 13 check which handles the heaviness of the rack, any extra payload, and the power of the engine pushing the wheel, I was informed that it can deal with up to 360 lbs! which is far more than most ebikes that are appraised for 250 lbs

To help secure the bicycle when left, there's a worked in alert framework (like a few cars have) that will sound an alarm if the edge is jarred, it's a perfect minimal additional… and you get a remote to arm and incapacitate the framework


These bicycles are somewhat heavier at ~60.5 lbs (without the bumpers and containers) since they accompany a strong welded-on back rack, coordinated battery charger, longer handlebars, fatter tires, and greater solace arranged seat and holds

You'll presumably depend on the throttle and electric help all the more intensely with the Model S or C since they just accompany one rigging, that keeps the bicycle basic yet makes it hard to begin from halt without a touch of assistance… and could be a genuine bummer in the event that you channel the battery right down to zero

I like how the kickstand looks, welcome the customizable length, and feel that it underpins the bicycle well, however it is situated in the focal point of the edge and can obstruct the left pedal on the off chance that you don't stow it (particularly when support the bicycle out of a carport)

Minor thought here, the fork, handlebar, chain spread, and discretionary bumpers are altogether produced using Steel… which is solid and will in general be peaceful, however can begin to rust on the off chance that it gets scratched, the discretionary front bin is aluminum amalgam (alongside the primary edge and coordinated back rack)

Minor thought, the fog light does not point where you steer since it's mounted to the head cylinder or front crate as a matter of course, this can be a touch of perplexing when making sharp turns in obscurity

The casing just comes in a single size, yet at any rate there's a stage through and high-advance choice, just as a flexible point stem to dial in fit

Notwithstanding the twofold cylinder structure of the progression through edge, there is still some casing flex when you pedal hard or turn rapidly, the back mounted battery and engine make the bicycle back substantial and add to this flex

You can point the showcase to lessen glare yet it isn't removable, this implies it could get scratched at the rack or take increasingly climate wear when stopping outside

I think the incorporated battery charger is slick, yet it just offers a standard 2 amp stream and may take somewhat longer for the enormous battery choice, you have to spend considerably more cash ~$99 to purchase an independent charger in the event that you need to charge the battery off-bicycle however at any rate it puts out 5-amps which will fill the pack too quick

Be cautious with the correct side of the back hub on the grounds that the engine link juts here and could get caught or bowed if the bicycle spills, this is a plan powerlessness than numerous center engines experience and only something to be chivalrous of

Minor thought, with additional long handlebars like this, the bicycle just can't fit between vehicles or through entryways as effectively and might scratch them in the event that you aren't particularly cautious… I prescribe killing the bicycle when strolling it so you don't coincidentally actuate the throttle or pedal help

We found a little idiosyncrasy with the presentation during this survey, you can't get into the settings menu if the backdrop illumination is on… so hold the up bolt to turn backdrop illumination off (on the off chance that it's on) at that point hold here and there to get to settings