Newsflash: Google Assistant voice and number, interactive advertising and E-Amazon

Not every message from the digital world makes it into a separate contribution. Therefore, we summarize today four news shortly.

In the case of digital language assistants, Google's Assistant is usually far ahead and supports us daily in our workflows. Unfortunately, it usually takes some time for new features that are commonplace in the United States to find their way to Germany. So also with a new voice, which since yesterday / yesterday for German users is selectable.

The Google Assistant has got a new voice.
Google does not demarcate by gender, but gives each voice its own color coding. The new color "Orange" brings a male-sounding voice to our smart devices. I myself have been running it since yesterday and I have to say that the Assistant finally sounds more natural. As reported 9TO5 Google , but other countries may look forward to a new "language color ". Overall, it has been provided in 11 different languages, including English, French and Japanese. American users, however, already have 8 colors to choose from.

Google Assistant with own phone number
Let's stay with the digital assistant from Google. Also English-speaking Indian users were pleased about their first voice alternative. In addition, Google now offers a new service in the populous country to give as many users as possible access to the Assistant. Because not everyone in the country necessarily owns a smartphone .

As The Next Web reports, those interested can use a Vodafone India contract in two cities to dial a free phone number to speak to the Google Assistant in English or Hindi. The range of available options is not very broad. So information about traffic, shops or the weather is quickly available. Google itself does not collect any personal information, as the company announced.

Facebook turns on interactive advertising
The fact that Facebook offers its wide range of services free of charge, the company must finance the ongoing costs, inter alia, from advertising revenue. Just stupid that more and more users ignore this or use an ad blocker. Therefore, one wants to be creative and convey interactive advertising messages to the user. That reports engadget .

Advertising revenue is one of Facebook's most important sources of revenue.
Facebook wants to give its advertising partners new resources. The inclusion of voting buttons or small games in the banners should therefore be possible in the future. The use of augmented reality (for example for the virtual fitting on of clothes) has also been validated for some time. So your newsfeed could get pretty hectic soon.

Amazon in e-delusion
The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more relevant for us from day to day. Dozens of tons of CO2 are generated every day, especially in the logistics sector, which already want to offset delivery services, such as DHL and DPD, with climate protection projects. Amazon wants to go a step further and now invests in 100,000 electric vans, as reported by The Verge .

Accordingly, Jeff Bezos announced that they will order 100,000 models of Rivian's e-van (a start-up). By 2024, these will then be on the road in daily operation, and the first vehicles will be delivered in the coming year. This will make the supply chain a little greener again.